So, I have this friend, Sweetie Pie…

It turns out that some of my craziest stories start out that way.  This one is no exception.

When I was young, my parents were very concerned with who my friends were.  A lot like most parents.  As a child, I listened to them fairly carefully.  A lot unlike most children.  Frequently, my parents would discuss one of my friends with me and say something like “She just seems like the kind of person who could get you into trouble.”  “Trouble” I assumed, would come in the form of a life prison sentence and a permanent record.  As a matter of fact, I was so busy worrying about my permanent record, that I forgot one very important thing.

I forgot to have fun.

Like a lot of nervous people, I ended up having a hard time forging close friendships.  There has always been the looming fear of “She seems like the kind of person who could get you into trouble” paired with a lot of “what if…”.   You could pretty much put anything after that “what if…” and I promise you that I have already worried about it.  This results in me saying a lot of things like “Thanks for the invitation, but…” or “I’d love to, but…”.  You don’t end up with a lot of close friends when you are full of big “but”s.

Then along came Sweetie Pie.  Sweetie Pie is the kind of friend who doesn’t hear the “but”.  She’ll just drag you along kicking and screaming while saying something like “Too bad.  I already signed you up.”  You can read about some of our adventures by clicking here, or by clicking here.

A few weeks ago I received a message from Sweetie Pie.  It was the first time I had heard from her in a while.  This meant that my live had become extremely boring and very comfortable.  When you get too comfortable, you start to kind of like boring.

Sweetie Pie said that she wanted me to come out to her work and talk to some of the people she works with.

“They really like your blog and would love to meet you!”

Actual blog fans?  Are you kidding me?  The words “I’d love to!” were out of my mouth before she finished asking.  Also, I forgot to add the “but”.

I started to stress.

“Don’t worry,” Sweetie Pie said.  “They already like you.  Just come and be yourself!”

I didn’t want to be myself, though.  I didn’t want to be myself because apparently they already liked me and I didn’t want to mess that up.  Sometimes the talking to other people part messes up the liking me part.

I worried.

A lot.

I should mention that Sweetie Pie’s job is sort of helping and entertaining retired adults.  This should not have been too tough of a crowd.  It should be just like hanging out with someone’s grandparents.  Right?

That’s what I kept telling myself the whole time I was getting ready to go.  “Just like hanging out with grandparents.”

That’s what I kept telling myself as I walked into the door.  “Just like hanging out with grandparents.”

That’s what I kept telling myself as I waited in Sweetie Pie’s office.  “Just like hanging out with grandparents.”

Then Sweetie Pie brought me to these people and started to introduce me to them.  It was not like hanging out with someone’s grandparents.  First of all, they were a lot younger than I was expecting.  I forgot that you don’t have to be a whole lot older than I am to be a grandparent.

I’m trying to forget that again.

Also, these were some pretty impressive grandparents.  One man had been a “higher up” at a fortune 100 company.  Another had worked with local congresspeople.  Another was an actual published author!  Like actually published.  Not self published or online published.

It was a lot less like hanging out with grandparents and a lot more like hanging out with the rich and famous who just happen to be retired.

I started to panic.

I started to feel nauseous.

I started to think about running away.

Then I remembered that I had a trick up my sleeve.  I pulled a rabbit out of my hat.  Okay, I actually pulled it out of a rabbit carrying case, but at any rate, I brought a very special bunny around for everyone to see because who doesn’t like a bunny?  Nobody, that’s who.

Once the attention was on the bunny, I calmed down.  I was able to read a blog out loud, answer some questions, and hear some amazing stories from the group.

Did you get that?  I was actually doing a socially speaking thing!

Note to self:  Always travel with livestock.

Toward the end, a very sophisticated lady asked me “How long have you and Sweetie Pie been friends?”

“For over seven years, I think.” I said.  “Sometimes she gets me into trouble, though.”

“Oh,” the very sophisticated lady said with a wink “Those are the best kind of friends to have.”

Do you know what?  I think she might be right!