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On Monday night I received some most excellent news.  On Monday night I found out that one of the Youtubers that I follow is going to be doing a meet and greet somewhere local.  This is a Youtubing family that travels around in the fanciest bus ever and visits all of the fanciest farms.  They tour all of these super fancy farms and interview the fancy farmers.

I want to be a super fancy farmer.  I really really want to be a super fancy farmer.  I want to be the fanciest farmer ever.

I am not the fanciest farmer ever.  Not yet.

When I heard that The Amazing Youtube Family was going to be meeting people locally, I got very excited.  I started thinking that maybe I should go meet The Amazing Youtube Family.  I even took a facebook poll.  It turns out that 100% of my friends who responded thought that I should definitely go meet The Amazing Youtube Family.  100%.  That makes it practically a law.

There is a little problem, though.  It appears that The Pastor and I have scheduled all of our summer events at the exact same time.  We scheduled them all this weekend.  The weekend of The Amazing Youtube Family meet and greet.  I guess we thought we were being efficient.  Efficiency no longer seems like a good idea to me.

Now I have some choices to make.  Do I meet The Amazing Youtube Family and take one step closer to being the fanciest farmer ever, or do I do all of the things?

At first this may seem like a no brainer.  I do not want to do all of the things.  I don’t even want to do all of the things on a normal weekend.  I don’t ever want to do all of the things.  I want to be a super fancy farmer.  Unfortunately, life is a little more complicated than that.

I also really love my family.  My family who all really really want to do all of the things.  All of the things were also scheduled long before meeting The Amazing Youtube Family.  So what do I do?

Well, first I need to overthink everything.  I need to think about how much I love my family.  I need to think about the long term effects of my family not doing all of the things.  I also need to think about those annoying things called priorities and setting a less impulsive example.  These are all important things to overthink.

Then I need to overthink the other side of things.  I do not really go a lot of places that do not involve grocery shopping and chauffeuring children.  I probably need to get out more.  There is also the fact that I have subscribed to three Youtubers, one of whom is The Pastor (to watch The Pastor being all handsome and wise, click here).  Also, I’ve never even met a famous person.  Not even a sort of famous person.

Okay, so that’s not exactly true.

A couple of years ago I went to a big business meeting with The Pastor.  He wanted me to hear some famous rich billionaire guy speak.  It was a super social type thing and I was feeling especially awkward so I volunteered to take tickets.  I do really well with this type of job because everything is pretty scripted and nobody asks you embarrassing questions like “How are you?” or “How do you like this weather we’ve been having?”

About twenty minutes after the event starts, some guy tries to get in without a ticket.  I didn’t let him in.  Nobody gets in without a ticket.  The guy politely tells me that I should probably let him in.  I politely tell him to go buy a ticket.  The guy says “Don’t you know who I am?”

“I don’t really care who you are.” I responded, getting a little annoyed.

“No, look.” he said “That’s me right on the ticket stubs in your hand.  I’m the super rich billionaire guy who is speaking at this event.”

I didn’t really believe him.

My brain came equipped with a lot of extra bells and whistles.  It did not, however, come equipped with facial recognition software.  I can’t even recognize The Pastor after a simple haircut.

“Here’s the thing.” I said.  “The guy on the ticket is a super rich billionaire.  I’m pretty sure that a super rich billionaire could shell out ten bucks for a ticket to his own event.  Now do you want to buy a ticket or do you want me to call security?”

Security was called.

It turns out that super rich billionaires do not shell out ten bucks for a ticket to their own event.

I have had similar experiences involving famous authors, actors, and the principal of my middle school.

I could go on and on with those stories, but lets just say that I have an opportunity here to meet famous people without horribly embarrassing myself.  This is a fact I really need to consider!

I finally made a decision.  I’m going to compromise.  I am going to rearrange schedules and *cringe* ask for a few favors.  It’s going to be hard, but I need to follow my fancy farming dreams.  Even if that dream ends in the nightmare of me turning to The Amazing Youtube Family and saying “Excuse me, could you please stop acting like this is all about you, I’m waiting to meet The Amazing Youtube Family so I can learn how to be the fanciest farmer ever.”




If you would like to see The Amazing Youtube Family, click here.  If you would like to hear about my adventures meeting The Amazing Youtube Family and how I embarrass myself there, scroll down and click on the “like” button!



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