Hooray! You’re offended! It’s a wonderful day!

You met a Republican or someone who’s gay!

It’s great! You’re offended!  It means you’re alive!

You saw “one of them” and they’re starting to thrive!

Rejoice! You’re offended, because you have eyes.

Someone is different and they refuse to live lies.

Yippee! You’re offended right down to your toes.

You live around people, and that’s just how it goes.

I’m so glad you’re offended, it’s your problem, not mine.

I will not say “I’m sorry”, I don’t care how you whine.

It’s good you’re offended.  You’re starting to think,

about girls with short hair, or boys who wear pink.

It’s okay to be offended by things people do and say,

but being offended won’t make them go away.

Offended is a thing that we all sometimes feel,

but being offended won’t make opinions real.

Being offended doesn’t make you bad or wrong.

I sometimes feel offended when you talk far too long.

But if your offense starts to morph into hate

or causes you to hurt someone else, or fixate,

then maybe the offense isn’t in what “they” do

just maybe the answer lies deep inside you.

Because whether you hate their religion, or lack of

the answer, my friend, can only be love.

Being offended, it just gets you thinking,

and thinking of others keeps your small world from shrinking.

Being offended, it makes you ask “Why?

Why is that person or thing different.  Why?”

“Why” is the word where your empathy starts

and empathy, my friend, will grow your small heart.

Empathy will turn your enemies to brothers,

and then you will find yourself loving all others.

So go feel offended, then ask “Why’d they do it?”

and suddenly your mind will have to admit

that we’re not all so different, not much in the end,

and that maybe it was you that once others did offend.





Here is a picture of Baby Snarky in his pretty pink tutu playing “lovely ladies” with his sisters.  May it delightfully offend you.  Or make you giggle.  I’m really okay with either.






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