Eighteen years.  Eighteen years ago today The Pastor and I were married.  It was a lovely ceremony and we were surrounded by lovely people.  It may have been a little boring.  Certainly not blog worthy.  The part that was FAR more interesting was our engagement.

A little less than twenty years ago I met a man who was not my type.  He was tall and skinny with long scraggly hair and looked almost exactly like the lead singer of the Spin Doctors, a popular band at the time.  I was not interested.

Four weeks later, after a really bad day, this boy that I was not interested in sent me roses.  I’m not a huge fan of roses.  I was still not interested.

Two weeks later, this same boy asked me out on a date.  He wanted to take me to a nice restaurant.  I AM a huge fan of food, especially if someone else is paying.  I started to take interest.

About two weeks after that, this same boy said he had set up a scavenger hunt for me.  There would be a prize at the end.  I am an enormous fan of prizes, so I went on a scavenger hunt.  It took me all over the little college town I lived in.  Finally we ended up on a nature trail standing on a bridge overlooking a river.  My prize was a word scramble.  I unscrambled it and it said “I will love you forever”

I was more than a little disappointed.  A word scramble is not a prize.  A word scramble is busy work for third graders.  “Oh, that’s nice,” I said, perhaps just a smidge sarcastically.  “but where’s my prize?”

I stared out over the river debating how to inform this boy that he was going to have to step it up a little in the prize department, when I noticed that the boy wasn’t saying anything.  I turned around to see if he was still there or if he had run off in search of a better prize.  He was gone.

Then I looked down.  There he was.  Kneeling.  With a ring.  He started talking, but I really didn’t hear a thing he was saying.  I couldn’t hear him over the screaming in my brain.

Half of my brain, the logical half, which I normally pay a whole lot of attention to, was screaming “RUN AWAY!  RUN AWAY RIGHT NOW!  YOU CAN GET A HEAD START IF YOU JUST…RUN… NOW!”

But then there was this other half of my brain.  This half was the emotional side of my brain.  I normally don’t listen to this side very much because this side of my brain makes bad decisions like bringing home seven kittens or eating chocolate covered espresso beans for dinner.  This side of my brain was screaming “GET THAT RING AND PUT IT ON YOUR FINGER BEFORE THE POOR BOY CHANGES HIS MIND!”

And so I stood there, listening to my brain.  For a very long time.  Like five minutes. I just stood there.  Listening.  People may have been walking by.  I was too busy listening to notice.

Finally, the boy said “Um, could you give me an answer, because my knee is starting to hurt and you are kind of scaring me.”

And here is the really weird part.  I sputtered some form of the word yes and put that ring on my finger.  And to this day he is still surprising me and I am still kind of scaring him.  It’s called love.  Oh, and it turns out that the Spin Doctors guy cleans up pretty well!


2 thoughts on “Engaged

  1. Yes, it felt like at least 5 minutes, maybe more like 5 hours down on one knee. . . .
    . . . . Meanwhile I was thinking similar things like, “how long should I kneel here?” “should I get up and run away?” “Oh, no, that was stupid you asked too soon!” “s#!&, I really blew it,” “Now, I know she is gonna say NO! and never talk to me again, I just know it!” . . . . . “SHE SAID YES! SHE SAID YES! SHE SAID YES! (alright stay cool, stay calm, what do I do now,?? oh yeah!!!) SHE SAID YES! SHE SAID YES!!!, (oh right, get up and kiss her)”

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