If you cannot laugh at yourself I beg you: Please, please do not read my blog.  I am a mom.  I have a lot of kids.  The biggest of these kids is my husband aka “The Pastor”.  I do not have the time or energy to listen to (or read) your judgmental angry comments about my writing.  Also, I probably don’t really care, which will just offend you even more.

If you CAN laugh at yourself, great!  Let’s go for a ride!

I am a Christian. I am not easily offended. I know, this is a rare combination. So when I read an article that said that some people consider practicing a religion a form of mental illness, I had to laugh. Because I could definitely see how it could look like that.

When you look at things that Christians do and take it out of context, it makes us look like what we stereotypically think of as mentally ill. By the way, mental illness is nothing like the stereotype most people have, but more on that later. Maybe. From this point on we will distinguish actual mental illness from the stereotype by calling the stereotype “crazy” Anyway, the more I thought about it the more I realized that being a Christian, being crazy, and being a toddler all actually look pretty much the same.

In CS Lewis’ book Mere Christianity he says of Christ “ Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse.”  Obviously “something worse” is code for “toddler”.

To help you decide if you fit into one of these categories, I created this little test.  For every item on this list that you have done in the last year, give yourself one point.

1. Talking to someone that nobody else can see. You insist that you can see and hear this being. You talk out loud to them.

2. Randomly singing.  LOUDLY.

3. Smiling.  A lot.  Even when you’re not reading my blog

4. Crying.  A lot. for no apparent reason.

5. Talking to strangers.  Bonus point if you talk about the being in #1.

6. Trying to, and honestly believing you can, help everyone you meet.

7. Speaking “gibberish”

8. Believing that someone who died is going to come back for you.  Bonus point if you are excited and not afraid.

9. Not fearing death.  At all.

10.Stopping whatever you are doing to smile, close your eyes, and raise your hands.

11. Being easily offended by, confused by, or afraid of people who don’t see things from your point of view.

I hope, if you are over the age of five, that you did not earn a point for number eleven.  That one is the thing about some Christians (not you, of course) that makes me crabby.  Otherwise, add up your points.  Did you score more than five?  More than ten?  If so, then have a good laugh at yourself.  Because whether you are a Christian, crazy, or a toddler you are my kind of person.  Unless you earned a point for number eleven.  If you scored a point for number eleven you need to close your mouth and open your ears more.  Or go on some heavy medication.


Do you know what would be REALLY crazy?  Not sharing my blog!