Today I was given this painting.  It was given to me as a prophetic word by someone I had never met before.  She said that God told her to make it an underwater scene because I find treasures in the depths.  She said God told her to make it yellow because I tend to think outside the box.   Her description was very accurate of what I am doing with my life.  And I love the jellyfish she put in there.

You may or may not believe in God.  That’s okay, I still love you.  You may or may not believe in prophetic words.  That’s okay.  I do, and I think this one is pretty cool.  It’s especially cool because I am married to The Pastor.  The Pastor is REALLY good looking (seriously, like professional soccer player good looking), REALLY friendly, and loves being the center of attention.  As increadibly good looking as I am, I am neither overly friendly nor do I love being the center of attention.  As a matter of fact, people frequently see me as rather prickly.  Because of this, if someone has a word or a gift for someone in our family, they usually pick The Pastor.  Don’t feel bad for me, I’m totally okay with this for many reasons, several of which include my extreme introvertedness.  Spellcheck wants you to know that introvertedness is not a word.  Spellcheck also wants you to know that Spell Check is two words.

Anyway, when I do receive a word or a gift from someone I take it very seriously.  I’m completely aware that it is a little scarey for people to put themselves out there like that, especially with a prickly person.  All that to say: I got this today and it was awesome.  I hope you received something wonderful today also.  If you did, share it with the world!